To my mother, my dog and clowns...


A collection of almost 200 ceramic figurines, broken and remade. Named after songs by David Bowie they are a collection of glorious freaks, a celebration of queerness, disability and difference


I love ceramic figurines; I love how they make the journey from being objects of wonder in childhood to objects of hate in adulthood and back full circle to fond objects in old age. Broken and remade they take on a new life; they converse with each other and adopt personalities.


Each piece has a history, was at some point loved, cleaned, cared for and then discarded to boot sales and charity shops where I discover and rescue them. That history and pathos creates an immediate emotional connection to these anthropomorphic, broken, queer figures.


They subtlety conflate two worlds, a world of idealised perfection and aspiration with the glorious messy, broken reality of life.